Torbato Rosé Brut
Vino spumante rosato
Sardinian bubbles are in the pink.
Torbato, a rare gem of a grape that speaks volumes about our winemaking traditions and the history of our winery, is joined by native red grapes to create a new cuvée that’s upbeat, enjoyable, and beguilingly elegant. The powder pink shade denotes the delicacy, while the fine bubbles reveal the essence of the wine.
  • Grape variety
    torbato and native red grape
  • Position
  • Pale pink
  • Cherry red
  • Claret pink
The powder pink shade denotes the delicacy and elegance of the wine, whose aromas express the different grape varieties. The floral and citrus notes of the Torbato stand out alongside the delicate cherry and white peach overtones.
The immediacy of the lively acidity segues into softness and enticement.
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